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Invest in the future of Vacation Property.

With our team of experienced management, prime location properties and multiple revenue sources, Travel Zen is the perfect opportunity for those looking to invest in this rapidly-growing industry.


3 Reasons to Invest…NOW.

Experienced Management

With a management team of more than 30 years experience in the vacation rental business, Travel Zen has partnered with the best sources in the industry. Travel Zen has become the expert in selecting premium investment properties.

Prime Locations and Times

Travel Zen specializes in investment properties in the Vail and Beaver Creek ski areas. These properties are located in amazingly beautiful and desired locations, where we owns the units, or the best times for peak seasons/holidays.

Multiple Revenue Streams

With luxury units in 4 Resort facilities, and with over 60 properties in our portfolio, Travel Zen has the ability to generate revenue from an array of sources. This makes us able to better deal with the fluctuations of the market.

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