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Now, Own A Luxury Vacation Property.

A unique approach to get all of the conveniences, amenities, and location without the hassles. Dealing with a wholesaler means lower costs of buying a holiday home on your own.


Advantages to Fractional Ownership

Your Are an Owner, not a Renter

Ownership is a deeded property, not merely the right to use it. You can sell it, rent it, exchange it, or leave it to your loved ones in your will…and is more cost effective in the long run than renting.

All the Amenities, Hassle-Free

Maintenance, utilities, taxes, upkeep, and administrative expenditures are kept to a bare minimum because they are shared among all property owners. Owners can enjoy the convenience and pleasure of returning year after year.

Flexibility to Use it or Swap it

You can swap your weeks and visit other amazing vacation destinations. Enjoy all of the rights and privileges that other property owners have. Your ownership allows you to be flexible and hassle-free.

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